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 The production technology of products GODI

 A. A wood choice

The tree is imported from Malaysia, usually it is the Malaysian oak, which age not less than 25 years, the average part as products from it are considered as the most qualitative is used.
On the one hand the factory gives a lot of attention to moisture resistance of a material which should correspond to the international standard (8-10 %) after drying, in that case the curbstone isn't exposed to grow mouldy and doesn't burst.
On the other hand a wood surface should be pure and equal.

B. Wood processing
All wood is used in manufacture only after a covering by a special film, under which it is within a week to prevent evaporation of water and усыхание wood. After all it workers start to cut out special forms depending on the necessary size.

C. Wood pasting
Then small pieces of wood stick together special glue and place under a press more than at 24 o'clock.

D. Polishing
Workers polish the stuck together pieces of wood that the surface was equal and cleared of glue. Polishing is made some times in the course of manufacture.

E. Carvings
All carvings handworks from our skilled masters.

F. Coloring
Coloring includes a first coat and external coloring. Coloring occurs in some layers, 4 layers of soil external details and 3 layers of a detail which are used in internal parts. The material which is used at painting, is moisture resistant.

G. Installation and assemblage
After definitive assemblage last painting is made to be convinced that the definitive kind and quality of production has no defects.

I. Packing
Each making part of a set is packed into a separate box. The cardboard box with клееной plywood is usually used.

All packings of wooden parts is in some layers, membranes the film from the made foam polyethylene, a packing film to vials, a cardboard, container from plywood. Packings of table-tops the box is used especial beehives-cardboard.

F. Certification

The company has passed certification in the International organization on Standardization and has received degree of an estimation of quality under standard ISO 9001:2000.


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