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FOSHAN GODI Sanitary Ware Co.Ltd is a professional wooden cabinet manufacturer. We are combining design, production and marketing with high quality and better service. Both of our company and factory located in the most famous ceramic town-Foshan, Guangdong, South China.
We specialize in producing bathroom cabinet, and also supply ”bathroom accessories”, ”bathtub”, and “toilet set”. These products are not only popular in domestic market, but have good reputations overseas. We had around 350 specialist shops in China, and also have good sales abroad, such as Europe, Russia, Middle East, North America, Africa, Japan, and South Korea.
Our factory is located in the most famous ceramic town-Cangjiang Industry Area, Foshan, Guangdong, South China,covers 130’000 square meters,have 9 main workshops.There are more than 1000 employee in our factory, about 350-400 workers in bathroom cabinet area,the convenient hostel, the cultural center, a dining room etc. All these factors guarantee comfortable working conditions for workers, magnificent quality of production, stability and productivity of work.Then about 6000-7000 sets of cabinets can be produced per month.
GODI successfully uses model of management of projects and R&D - "3 points on one line",.First we sign the long-term contract with famous designers from world, buy their original concepts, then cooperate with the best designers who are native ,they transform these ideas to match in step with tendencies of the consumer market,at last our workers who in technical personnel department will make first models according drawings for each design.
GODI has released two brands into market,"GODI" and "ADMC" brand.
  Products belong to "GODI" brand are all classic models ,the idea of design comes from Antonio Gaudi,the famous Spanish architect,who was such deeply admired nature, each of his design were based on nature,then you can find his philosophy elements in our cabinets.Perfect function,each piece is handcrafted with beautiful finish, GODI pay more attention to life attitude,our customer will find more special personality,self-value and art feeling.
  At the beginning of 2010, GODI released a new brand "ADMC",products of this series are designed by our designers from Italy,which are full of modern elements.They have received a good market respond and high praise from customer by their Unique Personality and Good Quality.
We are trying for being a leading brand in domestic market, moreover hope to be an international brand,therefore, we have confidence to develop better and better upon our constant innovation idea in the future,and provide our customers with higher quality,better services and strive to build more stable win-win situation between customers and GODI.


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